Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To kill a Mockingbird Essay

A lot of characters deal with obstacles and powerful forces that affect their lives throughout the book to kill a mockingbird.  Like Tom Robinson in the trail, Tom was accused of raping Mayella.  Tom Robinson is a black man and he lives in a very racist town.  Maycomb puts him on trial for supposedly raping Mayella.  Tom goes against the court trying to say that he isn't guilty, but no one believes him because he's black.   In this book Tom is accused for something that he really didn’t do and no one believes him because of the color of his skin.   Mr. Ewell’s daughter Mayella was the one that was the one who brought Tom R. to court to get tried.  It is purely about racism.  
When Mayella was on the stand in court judge Taylor asks mayella “Just tell us what happened, you can do that, can’t you.” (page 240 )After the Judge asked her that Mayella started to burst into tears because she swore she would tell the truth but the truth is all lies.  Which means that all along even though she was  supposedly telling the truth all she said was lies.  
“ I said some here nigger, and bust up this chifferobe for me, i gotta nickle for you, He coulda done it easy enough, he could. so he’d come in the yard an i went to get him the nickle and i turned around and and for i knew it he was on me(pg 241). Said Mayella . This was all a big lie , because this didn't really happen. All the supposed truth that she was telling was not the truth at all it was all lies.

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  1. 1) the essay begins with a statement about the obstacles the characters In the book to kill a mockingbird go through. She uses Tom Robinson as an example, and gives detail about him being on trial for the wrongly accusation of a white woman being raped.
    2) she quotes "just tell us what happened, you can do that right?" I chose this quote because she was caught In a lie and she bursted into tears. I see this happen a lot on TV and I related it to law and order svu. It stood out to me becahse youl always remember that moment when you get caught in a lie and all you can do is confess.
    3) one thing this essay does wel is the simpleness of it. Its good with grammar and has some good detail.
    4) this essay could use a lot of revision. You can start with finishing it. Also, it was kind of hard to understabd. You onky included 2 quotes and didn't even put the right paragraphs in. You also only had 3 paragraphs.